1. No person shall be allowed to fly at our filed without a current MAAC membership.
  2. All persons wishing to fly at our field are required to be club members with the following exceptions:
    1. Guests may fly six times a year as long as they have a current MAAC card and are accompanied by a club member. Open house “Fun Flys and contests, where all clubs and MAAC pilots are invited, will not count against guest flyers number of times they can fly here.
    2. Persons with a MAAC chartered club membership from out of town are welcome to fly with us whenever they are in town if they are accompanied by a regular club member.
  3. All club members are expected to be supportive and helpful to our guests.
  4. Fly only forward of the center line on the runway to the property lines and within the fence lines all of which are shown on the field drawings approved by MAAC and the property owners. Failure to comply could result in a complete loss of flying privileges. Pilots who ignore this rule are in violation of the posted MAAC safety code and may be forced to relinquish their membership with the following exception:
    1. Fixed wing aircraft, drones and helicopters temporarily out of the pilots control.
  5. Spectators are welcome and encouraged but MUST remain outside the area designated for pilots only.
  6. Individuals under 16 years of age MUST be accompanied by a parent or acting guardian at all times.
  7. No small children are allowed at or near the flight line.
  8. Animals are to be on leash at all times.
  9. Pickup broken props and crash debris; the lawn mower does not like them.
  10. All Pilots are to arrange to have their own spotter when flying.
  11. You MUST have your current MAAC membership card with you when flying.
  12. All aircraft MUST have the owners name and MAAC number attached to it.
  13. Every new flyer MUST pass an orientation flight.
  14. New trainees MUST use a buddy box with a trainer.
  15. All new models MUST be checked for proper control setup and general condition for safety. An aircraft inspection checklist MUST be completed and retained by an Inspector.
  16. When flying please put your MAAC number on the white board bottom by the bulletin board located on the North hanger wall and erase after flying.
  17. Maiden flights require an airworthy inspection check list completed by a safety person (Trainer).
  18. A field diagram is on the bulletin board.
  19. Junior Pilots (program to be developed).
  20. Members must have read and agreed to all MAAC safety issues (IE MSD 02).
  21. No flying when anyone (members, animals, vehicles) are on the field or flight line.
  22. If anyone calls DEADSTICK all other aircraft are to clear the flight line.
  23. Take all garbage with you and pickup any litter.
  24. Be respectful and courteous to each other and the property owners (Kyle, Marie, and their children)
  25. There are NO washroom facilities available.
  26. Fire extinguisher is located at corner of hanger below bulletin board.
  27. Incidents (crash) reports are located adjacent to the bulletin board and MUST be completed by Pilot, witness, and a member of the club executive.
  28. All transmitters MUST adhere to MAAC Policy.
  29. No Overnight Camping
  30. Field is open from sunrise to sunset 7 days a week.