2023-10-24 Photo History

The photo gallery has been updated with some great photos from over the years, including 1982! Thank you to Ron, Darryl and Jason for the great finds.

2023-10-16 Photo Gallery

A new photo gallery has been added to our site. Photos from our recent member fun fly have been added. We will work to find older photos from past members and events and add them.

2023-10-01 Member Fun Fly

Our member fun fly, originally planned for Saturday, September 30, was held on Sunday, October 1, 2023. The weather on Saturday was cold with rain all day. Sunday brought absolutley perfect flying weather that was warm and sunny with little to no wind. The event was well attended by both existing and new members. Many different aircraft took to the air including Al with his glider, Kevin with his Night Timber and Eratix, Darryl with his DJI drone, Bob with his nitro trainer and Richard with his Apprentice, Night Timber and Sig 4-Star 40. We all enjoyed a delicious BBQ while taking in the sunshine.

We look forward to an even bigger event next year!

2023-09-21 New Website

Welcome to the new website of the EK RC Flyers. We will be adding more information and features soon!